The responsible road to recycling

Has your company just upgraded its business contract and now has redundant surplus handsets? Are your current devices lacking the latest technology? Does the damaged device restrict you working to your full potential?

Receptive have a ‘no nonsense’ approach when it comes to responsibly recycling. We pride ourselves on the clarity of our business and our honest approach when it comes to mobile phone and device management.

Prevent your device from going to landfill by allowing Receptive to prolong your mobile phones and devices life cycle.

Responsibly Recycling Mobile Phones


1st – Reuse

As a responsible recycler, Receptive’s first stop is to reuse and resell your mobile phones and devices. Before remarketing your mobile phones and devices, Receptive ensure that previous users data and information has been removed using our secure data wiping solution. Approximately 85% of all devices go down this road.


2nd – Repair & Refurbish

Should Receptive not be able to reuse and resell your mobile phones and devices, our second stop is to repair and refurbish.  Were economically viable, Receptive utilize our experienced team of technicians to repair and refurbish your mobile phones and devices so that they can be reused and resold.  Approximately 10% of all devices go down this road.


3rd – Recycle

If Receptive are not able to reuse or repair and refurbish your mobiles phones and devices, then our third stop is to responsibly recycle.  Approximately 5% of all devices go down this road.  In compliance with the WEEE Directive, Receptive deploy these devices to our fully accredited UK Precious Metals Refinery partner (this is mainly applicable to very old analogue handsets or units that are heavily damaged and beyond economical repair).

In all aspects of reuse, repair & refurbish and recycle, Receptive provide a full asset report.  We capture and record details such as Make, Model, IMEI, Functionality and Value.




With Receptive solutions you can be assured that you are recycling with confidence;

  • Free Collection for B2B and Corporate customers
  • Mobile data securely removed on site or at our facilities
  • A full audit trial of your devices issued
  • Competitive prices offered on every handset
  • Fast payment

Waste Carriers License: CB/QE5280YZ

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Here at Receptive, our chosen charity is Willow ( Willow provide Special Days for seriously ill young adults aged 16 to 40, living with life-threatening conditions. As part of your corporate social responsibility commitments, why not donate 100% of the value of your recycled mobile phones and devices to charity?

N.B. Should you have another charity that is close to heart, Receptive are happy to donate to them upon request.


Receptive Recycling Payment Process:

  • Arrange site visit or collection of devices
  • Data wipe the devices onsite or at our facilities
  • Provide a full audit trail report containing a synopsis of make, model, grade, price and functionality
  • Receptive make a formal offer based on the report and arrange payment
  • 100% of the valuation is paid directly to the business or charity
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