We are currently selling a large number of accessories on our eBay shop…   http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/receptivesolutions   Current items listed are: Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cases Nokia Lumia 620 Cover Cases Nokia Lumia 800 Cover Cases Blackberry In Car Chargers LG Nexus 4 Bumper Cases LG Nexus 5 Flip Cases Apple iPhone 4/4S Charge & Sync Read More


Christmas is coming…and Receptive are having a sale!   As we look forward to the New Year, Receptive will be celebrating with a post Christmas SALE!   Various accessories including Apple, Samsung, HTC and Nokia will be auctioned on our eBay site in the New Year.  We will be auctioning cases, screen protectors, charging leads, Read More


Security experts have warned that millions of people are being spied on by free apps they have installed on their mobile phones and tablets. According to an American based cyber-security firm SnoopWall, applications such as Flashlights are secretly recording various bits of personal information such as users personal details, contacts, device location and content. The Read More